For this module we have had several tutorials using Photoshop as this is essential software for image manipulation. Using images of coral I have downloaded from google, sketches of dresses/fashion and photographs of my own glazes I have created new images by layering and merging said pictures. It has taken lots of attempts and playing about to achieve any kind of result. But here is a selection of my first creations.female_torso_study_by_juliastorybored-d751gpo1 female_torso_study_by_juliastorybored-d751gpo4 g 76e1396c0627497a5ec1086ef6f951e2 76e1396c0627497a5ec1086ef6f951e2s 872890a55a288749014f2e1b37114550 b5df2adcd978bf0ff7aa6f4b8a7b9f52


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