11051284_10205222721281916_2074982466_n 11056968_10205222722201939_399815531_n 11072614_10205222721361918_1805046515_n 11072619_10205222723041960_1825203711_n 11075998_10205222723441970_1943114778_n 11076031_10205222722561948_544783880_n 11076855_10205222722121937_696843217_n 11079666_10205222722921957_1870771502_n 11080023_10205222721801929_2077116432_n 11081551_10205222722401944_10229244_n 11081661_10205222723561973_626629214_n 11081779_10205222723001959_329865663_n 11082959_10205222722801954_1352708249_n 11086056_10205222722441945_1855364096_n 11088093_10205222722281941_873263868_n 11091203_10205222723201964_1892023608_n 11091301_10205222721481921_839755467_n 11096731_10205222723361968_1666923502_n

Using books and youtube tutorial videos I have been learning how to use Photoshop. How I can incorporate my own images and drawing to make a collage style image. As this is all very new to me I am finding I can spend a good hour on Photoshop and not have an awful lot to show for it, or nothing I want to show anyone!



For this module we have had several tutorials using Photoshop as this is essential software for image manipulation. Using images of coral I have downloaded from google, sketches of dresses/fashion and photographs of my own glazes I have created new images by layering and merging said pictures. It has taken lots of attempts and playing about to achieve any kind of result. But here is a selection of my first creations.female_torso_study_by_juliastorybored-d751gpo1 female_torso_study_by_juliastorybored-d751gpo4 g 76e1396c0627497a5ec1086ef6f951e2 76e1396c0627497a5ec1086ef6f951e2s 872890a55a288749014f2e1b37114550 b5df2adcd978bf0ff7aa6f4b8a7b9f52

My ceramics

I want to incorporate some of my ceramic work into this design module. My pieces are extremely textured and I want to merge this with my jewellery ideas. Maybe mimic the textures? Or use images of the textures.

I have taken photographs of my work. Trying to capture interesting textures to later use and manipulate using programmes such as photoshop.

10937571_10204802677701089_984037857_n 10944922_10204802679901144_455456534_n IMG_20150311_144932394 IMG_20150311_145047197 IMG_20150311_150419761 IMG_20150311_150618964 IMG_20150311_150646384_HDR IMG_4055

Other Artists

df hf zs

A particular artist I found myself looking at is Christina Dias. I contacted Christina and she sent me images of her sketch books on how she goes about creating new and innotive pieces of jewellery. Her work is tactile and interactive as has magnets and wires imbedded within the silicone so one can adjust how the pieces are worn.


Sketches of ideas

11041460_10205185815079284_931366282_n 11076103_10205185814879279_1180905805_n 11077797_10205185814639273_1470176674_n 11082908_10205185815399292_493167856_n 11084473_10205185815319290_1552611091_n 11081571_10205185815719300_1449470182_n

Using images, textures and ink to illustrate my initial concepts for where I was planning on taking this module I could play with what ideas worked or not. This was a very useful stage. I experimented and explored with colours and materials to represent qualities found in underwater creatures such as urchins, star fish and coral.


To use Digital photography and image manipulation to develop and visually communicate a 3D design.

This is my support module to assist my main module during my second semester of my second year in my degree in 3D design and craft.

I have chosen to continue with my main modules theme of the ocean. In specific, coral.