My final hand in…

hand in sheet 1 hand in sheet 2 hand in sheet 3 hand in sheet 4

The 4 images are of the final breakdown of my design process which I will be presented on A3 size paper setting.


More playing with PS

b&w beach b&W blurred b&w blurred coral bib black and white  light  polyps

I used images both taken from me and from the internet. I have used pictures I have taken at Aldeburgh coast and layered them behind the Tesco bag necklace. and images of coral reefs and close up polyps and anemones. Also played with lighting and other settings for different effects.

I have chosen recycled materials as we are at a time when recycling is essential part of life. We need to look after out environment. Making it into wearable art is the most in your face way to create awareness.  Also I am a fan of jewellery 🙂

Recycled coral necklaces

So using the images of the recycled Tesco bag necklace and the bits and bobs bib I made I played with layering on Photoshop to incorporate images of coral.

Here are some images of my work at the next level.


In this image I have individually selected, duplicated onto another layer and then deleted from the initial layer sections of the bib which I have then sandwiched images of coral in between. I have turned down the visibility on the materials and turned up the vibrancy and brightness on the coral images so they show through. I hope you can see the coal and still see the recycled shapes.

coral necklace

I only used one single image of coral for these 2 images making it a lot less complicated. I think the pink coral on the Tesco bag necklace works really well and is my favourite.

coral bib

SLR Camera

My partner and I bought a Canon SLR camera so we can improve our photography skills and it tied in ready well with this module. I finished 2 necklaces and wanted to take some images I could then work with on Photoshop. Here are some of the initial pictures…

IMG_1924 IMG_1929 IMG_1940 IMG_1944 IMG_1948

Recycled Bib


This is the beginning stages of a bib I am making out of recycled materials such as paper, plastic bags, Easter egg packaging, onion net bag and others items of similar ilk. I am not implying that this is going to be some spectacular creation that people can’t wait to wear. But just playing with ideas and concepts of recycling and incorporating the resemblance of nature in a wearable piece of art. I use the term art very loosely.

Flotsam and Jetsam

Whilst on my walks along the coast I have been collecting rubbish. Rubbish in general, and then singling out pieces of any interest to use in my jewellery. I am planning on making several model pieces. One being a bib style necklace. Using a cardboard base from an only shoe box. Attaching bits of plastic bags and alike to create something wonderfully dreadful and maybe something out of plastic bottles too?

playing with paper

My next steps are to make paper models. I have been watching some origami tutorial videos on you tube. So at this point I am making simple shapes. This is inspiring me for my next step.

11117766_10205310860725347_1552040587_n 11131841_10205310860365338_689121263_n 11139506_10205310860805349_208118262_n 11146156_10205310860245335_1997137417_n

Next I plan to combine an assortment of shapes and attach them to a ‘bib’ like base to make a  paper coral reef inspired piece of wearable art.